KLC Property Management Solutions manages all types of rental properties in the greater Des Moines area and beyond. Whether you are searching for that executive style single family home or professional management company, KLC has the resources to make it happen for you.

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Who We Are…

                                                                           Phyllis Kline, Owner/Broker
515-224-7212 ext 205                                                                              

Weller_Cathy (2)

Cathy Weller, Administrative Assistant
515-224-7212 ext 200

Stewart_Kristina (2) 

Kristina Hamilton, Licensed Realtor in Iowa,
Leasing Agent                                                                                                                   Office: 515-224-7212 ext 210
Cell: 515-360-1795                                                                   

Wisecup_Sherri (2)

Sherri Wisecup,                                                                                                    Leasing Administrative Assistant
515-224-7212 ext. 203










Marsh Underberg,                                                                                                       Maintenance & Inspections Manager                                                                                                                        515-224-7212, ext 202                                       

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Georgeann Sideris,                                                                                                     Accounting Department                                                                                                  515-224-7212, ext 206